All images taken by Summit Photography are copyright protected, unless otherwise specifically released. Image rights are the property of Summit Photography and are protected by federal copyright laws. Reproduction of these copyright images in any form (including computer, digital imaging, scanning, or taking a photo of the photo) without prior written consent is in violation of these laws. Any violations of these laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Why are all of your prints copyright protected?

Images are all copy right protected to protect the work of the photographer. This ensures that images cannot be reproduced or sold without the consent of the copyright owner. Should you need an image printed, we can print them. Should you need a release, we will review that on a case by case basis.

Why is your logo on each print?

Our logo is our copyright. This assures that our prints are distinguished in the field and you know where to find reprints. In addition, it assures that no one reproduces the image without written consent. No image, unless accompanied by a copyright release form, will leave our studio without the logo.

Can I have my image without the copyright and logo?

Yes, depending on the situation. They will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Do you have examples of your contracts that I can view?

Yes, I have two that you can view. Portrait Contract Example or Wedding Contract Example

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