Retouch & Customization

Ever have a picture taken that has something in the background you wanted taken out? Ever not looked your best in your photographs? Need makeup, lipstick, highlights or other beauty features added? Glasses always cause a glare or head shrinkage due to prescription? Wished it was a fall feeling picture? Teenager with an acne problem? Raccoon eyes from a long weekend in the sun? Your smile looks better in one picture over the other?

Well, now all your worries can be solved with digital photography and the services of Summit Photography. As part of our services, we provide retouch work on your photography. All packages will include basic photographic retouch work (removing basic blemishes, background issues, vignettes, etc) as when we release a product, we want it to be looking its best. Full retouch is extensive and charged accordingly. We can even fix YOUR OWN digital images! Contact for more information.

Below are two links, one showing the customization of a customers photograph to remove background problems. The second link displays our retouch work in detail and is explained on that page. Remember, ANYTHING is possible with Summit Photography as we are not bound by "traditional film ways"!



Photography :

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